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The best media media certainly contains a lot of organic ingredients. Soil organic ingredients can come from litter (fallen leaves), animal manure or dead plants and animals. The most widely used and is cow dung. Media cow dung is also not difficult to be found, and even tend to overflow and not fully utilized-farm animal husbandry. When the SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA media is still fresh, it is better to first deposited for approximately 10-14 days. Earthworms like materials that easily decompose because it is more easily digested by the body.
If the media used is a little dry, a little water should be sprayed on the surface. This is done to keep the moisture media. Optimum moisture for the growth and proliferation of earthworms is between 15-30%. The temperature required for the growth of earthworms and cocoon hatching was about 15-25 degrees C. Temperatures higher than 25 degrees C is still good as long as there is enough shade and optimum moisture. In order for growth and optimal breeding worms, earthworms maintenance location should also be considered with care. Good location sought is not exposed to direct sunlight, for example, at the edge of the house or in a special room (permanently) the roof is made of materials that do not continue and do not store heat rays. Watch carefully so that the site gets easier handling and control. 3. Prospective Parent Seed Selection For cultivation that aims to commercially farmed will be better when used sires were drawn exclusively from existing worm farm. Thus the need for breeders in large enough quantities to be tepenuhi quickly. But if you want to start a small scale, it is not absolutely have to be done. Sires can be sought by searching directly from nature. This will be very economical but certainly needed the foresight to find good breeders. Select breeding worms for ± 2-3 months old seedlings with healthy broodstock characteristics include adult worms that already has a bracelet (klitelum) on the front of the body, does not smell and look fresh. 4. Maintenance Prospective Parent Seed Maintenance can be divided into several ways: a. maintenance of earthworms as much in accordance with the capacity of the space used. If the nest measuring about 0.3 m high, 2.5 m long and less than 1 m wide, can fit about 10,000 head adult earthworms. b.pemeliharaan begins with a small amount. If the number has increased, partly earthworms moved to another tub. 5. Pemuliabiakan System When media maintenance and breeding of worms has been prepared, planting media into the worm breeders do. Planting breeders should not be directly once all heifers entered. Planting is done by trying little by little to move the worm into the planting medium. Observe first before inserting the other portion. This is done as a precaution.
CMCPoker.com AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA This means that if the worms do not like the new media, then the worm will still take a walk on the surface of the media. But when the worm was felt suitable to the new media, then he will go straight into. When you look like that, the rest of the existing worm may be included. Control should be done once every 3 hours.

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