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Muddy bottom of the pond is not bercadas .
The water was too murky ; enough oxygen in the water ; debit enough water ; & Temperature range of 25 degrees C.
Required materials such as
Agen Bola Online egg penempel ijuk or water plants .
YG master volume wide spread hanging from the pool , as a benchmark of holding the weight of 1 kg requires an area of ​​5 square meters.
Feeding with a protein content of 25 % . For pellet given regularly 2 times a day ( morning & evening ) in a dose of 2-4 % of the total weight of broodstock .

Features master male & female parent superior me-downs due to dipijah is as follows:

Female: between 1.5-2 years of age , weighing about 2 kg / head ; Male : minimum age of 8 months , weighing about 0.5 kg / head .
Neatly arranged scales , bright not dull .
Goldfish shape overall from the mouth to the tip of the tail fin is smooth, healthy , non- deformed fins .
Strong tail & tail panmgkal normal length must be longer than the width / thickness of the tail.
Closing a normal person not thick when opened white blotch ; head length at least 1/3 of the length of the body ; lens appears clear .
While the "features to distinguish male & female parent holding goldfish " is as follows:
Characteristics of Female Goldfish

The body of the stomach , distended & mushy .
If stomach distriping produce a yellow liquid .
Slow motion , at night usually skip - jump .
Features Goldfish Bulls

The body looks slim .
Nimble & agile movement .
If stomach distriping produce sperm fluid white.
In goldfish cultivate faced innumerable obstacles in the form of pests and diseases. Here are the pests and diseases goldfish :
Hama Goldfish
Bebeasan ( Notonecta )

Dangerous for the seeds because

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sengatannya . Handling : pouring oil to the surface of 500 square meters cc/100 .

Attacking seed & fish. Handling : do arrest ; pool fencing

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