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2-3 cm deep planting hole should be made by using a hoe or wheel . 15-17 A number of seeds used for planting using a meter wheel namely within 6 cm in the row of 7 cm between rows when planting . Percambahan levels of 70-80 % will provide basic density of 160,000 / ha as disyorkan . Purposes seeds is 65 kg / ha . for Suwan I and II Suwan when 36 kg . / ha for maize Thai Super Sweet and Sweet Honey .
Kontes SEOFor planting using bersaiz limit of 1.5 m ( boundary and flow ) , 2 row planting appropriate use. Planting distance between rows was 30 cm above the limit and 11 cm in the row above the limit is 30 cm and 11 cm in the row planting .
· Escorting Rumpai
Performed twice in the usual way or using poison grass potpourri . The first sod was done 3 weeks after planting when the second 3-4 weeks after the first grazing . Free grazing by using poison and steel required levels for corn are as follows : -

Free Escort Rumpai Using Toxic Chemicals
type Rumpai
How Escorting
dose( kg active ingredient / ha )
Terms of Use

atrazine( bancuh powder ( WP )
1.0 - 3.0

used as
rumpai poison pracampah
after sowing seeds
seed corn .

Should not be used if the plant
The next is kekacang or vegetable -

Jasa SEO Terpercaya vegetables . May be mixed
with Paraquat ( 0.25-05 kg.bahan
active ) or MSMA ( 1.0-1.5 kg of material
active ) to kill the rumpai

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