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swallow nest . Taking a swallow nest in a hole in the rock cave filled with risk and great danger lurking . If the people who harvest the swiftlet nest with one paid little 'life' .Then people learn to be smart again , to build a high-rise building as the house reef cave swallow holes for replacement . Atmosphere , character , and humidity are all adapted to their natural habitat , ie ' the cave ' and human trials it worked .
PokerVoVo.com Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia  Apparently, Swallow happier living in man-made buildings , colonies of swallows flock and meet the man-made buildings . Probably , swallow colonies of yore are close to human sense the presence of humans just to sustain life by utilizing their nests to be used as a source of sustenance , otherwise rewarded swiftlets live in the building comfortable , safe , and fun . Swallow , free to live in the building casually , as much, as long as ever , with the proviso that should make many nests .
To build a swiftlet house requires no small amount of capital . Need to charge up to 350,000,000 , - for building size 12m x 10 m , a height of 3 floors . But in less than 3 years of overall capital building was able to swallow again , with notes ; many birds are nesting , nest prices are still within normal limits perkg over 10 million . But not a few people are already bankrupt because building swallow . Because of her lack of analyzing the situation and condition last price swallow nest . then she also wore borrowed money from the bank , the interest and installment each month must still be paid . If it happens like this , who would be blamed ?
Indeed , to measure quality , swallow nest home buyers demand more than a swallow 's nest harvested from caves . Typically , swallow nest of a home or building a cleaner , whiter and healthier .Compared to swallow nest from the cave , which is rather more brownish , dirty due to contaminated moss cave walls .But , need to be motivated again , that businesses will swallow nest jumped back as in years past . Due to swallow nest is now not only in demand by Asian nations , but the swallow's nest has become a trend in the United States , Europe , and other western nations . We have nothing to fear in the business of swallow nest , because the swallow nest had become king diklasnya as a nutritious food cure diseases , make your skin clean , ageless, and keeps the body healthy and strong . ( by : eros )
Swallow nest buyer requested water level of 5% s / d 20 % or according to the demand of each buyer from different countries . The lower the water content the higher the price of the nest .

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Swallow nest is packed with structured manner based on class and grading . Packaging unit weight based grading using catty . Packaging for exportt using transparent plastic or formica box collected in a box can house 10 s / d 20 kg nest . Given box security in the form of a thin layer of aluminum around.

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