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  Feeding the ducks in three phases , namely the starter phase ( age 0-8 weeks ) , grower phase ( age 8-18 weeks ) and phase screen ( age 18-27 weeks ) . The third phase of the feed so the feed from the factory ( in practical) with the code of each phase . How to feed and are divided into four groups:
age of 0-16 days applied where the flat feed ( tray feeder )

 Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014            given the age of 16-21 days with a tray feeder and distribution of floor
age 21 days samapai 18 weeks spread on the floor .
age 18 weeks - 72 weeks , there are two ways the first 7 days by feeding the transition with regard to beginning production of spawn production reaches 5 % . After the duck feeding ad libitum ( continuous ) .

In terms of ad libitum feeding of ducks , to save the cost of feed rations themselves either usual places diranum from materials such as corn , rice bran , fish meal , bone meal , meal feed supplement .
Giving drinks duck , duck based on age as well , namely :
aged 0-7 days , for the first 3 days IAR drink plus vitamins and minerals , where such acids for chicks .
aged 7-28 days , place the edge of the cage and drinking water provided ad libitum ( continuous )
28 days - treated, drinking cups in the form of a rectangle with a size of 2 mx 15 cm and height 10 cm to 200-300 tail . Every day cleaning .
maintenance Cage
Cages should be kept clean and the power point so that production is not affected from the existing stable conditions .
Broadly speaking duck diseases grouped in two things:

diseases caused by microorganisms such as viruses , bacteria and protozoa
disease caused by a deficiency of food and poor governance cage right
The type of disease commonly contracted in ducks is :

Duck Cholera Disease  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya    Cause: The bacterium Pasteurella avicida .
Symptoms : diarrhea , paralysis , yellow-green feces .
Control : cage sanitation , treatment with penicillin injections in the breast tissue with the appropriate dose of the drug label .
Salmonellosis disease

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