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Pembuatan Website Iklan interviews with a scavenger eramuslim can now continue studying accounting in Pamulang , Tangerang . The veiled female student named Ming Ming Sari Nuryanti .
How long have become scavengers Ming Ming ?
Since 2004 . Time it would enter high school . Because income fathers increasingly uncertain , our family became scavengers .
A family ?
Yes . Every day , my father , mother , five sisters and I walked for 3 to 4 hours searching for a glass of mineral , mineral bottle scrap, and cardboard . Unless new sister grade 2 SD who did not participate .
Ming Ming residence located on the border between Bogor and Tangerang . Precisely in Rumpin . Of Serpong is approximately 40 kilometers . The area was famous for quarry sand , stone , and other building materials . No wonder all the way it is often crowded with trucks and street atmosphere full of dust . Along the way the family that these scavengers picking up glasses and bottles of mineral former using sacks .
Every day , they set off around 2pm . Options hour was taken as Ming Ming and the brothers had returned from school . In addition , to coincide with the hours of leaving the father to the workplace in the Ancol area .
After walking for one and a half to two hours , the father was to ride public transportation to work. Then , mother and six children went back to the house . That's along way to go home , they picked up a glass and a bottle of mineral traces.
How many results can be collected ?
Not necessarily . Sometimes it can be 3
Jual Website Murah pounds . Sometimes, not nyampe kilo . If rainy weather can be more severe . But , on average about 2 kilogram per day .
If dirupiahkan ?
5 thousand kilo price . So , our day to about 10 thousand dollars .
What is enough for 9 people that much per day ?
Yes dicukup - cukupin . Thank God , there is an additional right of fathers income . Although uncertain , but passable for living purposes .

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