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The existence of oxygen in the hydroponic system
Pulau Tidung is very important . The low oxygen causes decreased cell membrane permeability , thus increasing the cell walls are difficult to be penetrated , a result the plant will be a shortage of water . This may explain why the plants will wilt in flooded soil conditions .The level of oxygen in the pores of the media influence the development of root hairs . Administration of oxygen can be done in various ways , such as : providing air bubbles in the solution ( water culture ) , the replacement of the nutrient solution repeatedly , wash or fumigate the exposed roots in nutrient solution and provide ventilation holes in the planting area for aggregate culture .
Water quality in accordance with the growth of hydroponic plants have salinity levels that do not exceed 2500 ppm , or has a value of no more than 6.0 EC mmhos / cm and contains no heavy metals in large quantities because it c
Pulau Parian be toxic to plants .
Advantages and Constraints Hydroponics
Some advantages of hydroponic farming is a crop production more widely unity , the plants grow faster , more efficient fertilizer use , water use more efficient , yng labor required fewer , cleaner work environment , control of water , nutrients and pH more thoroughly , the problem pests and plant diseases can be reduced and can grow plants in a location that is not possible / difficult planted as in the nutrient-poor soil and rocky or in the garage ( in another room ) with extra lights . The disadvantage is the availability and maintenance of hydroponic devices is rather difficult , requiring specialized skills to weigh and mix chemicals and expensive initial investment .
cultivation techniques
A. Media
Good hydroponic medium has a pH that is neutral or between 5.5 -6.5 . In addition it must be porous media and to retain moisture . The media used can be divided into two stages of plant growth by :
Media for the nursery or nurseryFor the nursery can be a medium used mainly fine sand , husk or rockwool . Fine sand is often used because it is easily obtained and cheap , but less able to hold water and nutrients are not contained in it . The media used is a mixture of rice husk and sawdust or coconut coir dust .
Media for mature plantsMedia for mature plants similar to the seedling media , which is rather coarse sand , husk , rockwool and others. Is the ideal medium husk . The advantag
Agen Bola Onlinee is the cleanliness and sterility of the media is guaranteed free of dirt and organisms that can disrupt such as worms, fleas and so that DAPT live in the sand . Rice husk are lighter but more easily destroyed , can only use for twice the use . Husk can be purchased in stores or make your own farm .
B. Seed
The selection of seeds is very important because plant productivity teranganutng of excellence selected seed . Check the seed package labels , the expiration date , and a growing percentage of seed purity . The selection of commodities to be planted carefully calculated the price and marketing . Examples of vegetables that have exclusive selling points above the average rat is Recento tomatoes , Japanese cucumbers , melons , Parika , lettuce , kailan , melons and others.
C. Hydroponic Growing Equipment
The equipment required is :
Seedling containers , could use a plastic pot , a small polybag , plastic tubs , trays of seedlings , or wooden boxes .
Container grown plants , commonly used polybags 30-40 cm with an aperture sufficient to drain excess water when watering .
Tissue paper / wet newspapers to keep moisture

Agen Judi BolaSand sifter to sift seedling media
Handsprayer for watering
Ladle stirring media

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