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The first thing to be done to put ants in cocoa crops are:" Make sure that other pests are reduced "
How do I ensure that ... ? Families medicinal plants lately more ngetrend in the public eye . Traditional medicines are also more apt to be

Nowadays modern drugs of various forms have been sold freely, easily can be obtained with an affordable price and have become part of life for all segments of society. TOGA ( Family Drug Park ) is known in the society that takes some of the benefits of medicinal plants as one of the stalwart efforts to improve the functioning and benefits of lawn area in the home, school , or office .

Lawn area usually have limited land area and has a different character with gardens or farms , the type of medicinal plants should be selected that is important and beneficial , should also take into beauty and attention to the condition of the yard, the contours of the land , easily cultivated , not seize venues, and the form and the trees or other buildings.

The most important factor in regulating the cultivation of medicinal plants is observed beauty , not destroy / disrupt views should also be noted the presence of other elements of the garden ( shade tree or other plants as hi , livestock pens , flag poles , street lamp , walkways, fish ponds and etc. ) .

Multiple Benefits of Family Drug Crops cultivated dinaksud is all part of the crop from the leaves, flowers , fruit, fruit peel, bark , stems, roots and contain substances or active ingredients that are nutritious for health ( healing ) .
How to Use the Family Drug Crops to be beneficial to the drug , in which to look for some of the following :

1.Cara Plant• Grown on the sides of the yard space land• Cultivated using pot• grown vertikultur

2 . Part time harvest crops ( leaves, flowers , fruits, seeds , roots and tuber )• The leaves of plants collected during flowering and before the fruit is ripe .• Flowers collected before or immediately after bloom .• Fruit harvested in the elderly.• Seed collected from ripe fruit perfectly.• Roots, rhizomes ( rhizome ) , root ( tuber ) , and deep layers ( Bulbus ) , collected during the growth process stops.

3.Pasca Harvest ( Washing and Drying )The materials are collected , cleaned and done as soon as possible . Can immediately be used for the treatment of fresh, or dried for storage, and can be used when necessary .Drying :• If the material is large or contain water , can be cut into pieces as needed .• Drying can be directly in the sun , or wear protective
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