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Women are mysterious creatures and sometimes men say " confusing " . Naturally, women are emotional creatures who think ' so to conquer his heart took an emotional game not a logical game .
obat telat bulan To get a beautiful woman's heart you have to master the game of emotions . Game of emotion is what makes the beautiful natinya say " i love u " to you . Emotional game ' away from things logically .1 . After Disconnect and friend invites feedback again but failed / rejected , then do not ask back again , it 's do not ask , do not nag , do not complain , do not protest , much less about the causes he asks, turning g'mau , just introspecting your behavior last 2 months , certainly met , which obviously must be a reason . Lo still insist Nanya wrote this it , or even worshiped like 'm back again many times , it could exacerbate your cemistry . Magnets are like two poles , one of which is already the opposite direction , so getting chased , even further away . Fatal ! !
2 . Getting to know yourself 3 level popularized , if I may say " imaging " , obat telat bulan but not a problem that should you ambisikan imaging , but you bagimana honest and positive image that you will receive. and this kind of imagery is fine , provided it's not until you become a double-edged sword , Positive in public eye , traitor tomorrow. So how do I restore the good image , especially special image that comes from your ex ?
The earliest and the standard is , continuing to build the relationship even better image in the eyes of those closest , and prove it by the people closest that a good image is true , and illustrates that you are still there and Positive negative side you slightly changed , peluang usaha online  or even already changed and you realize / admit .
Considerable popularity boost is when there is a call , talk , or praise without your sepengatahuan on either side in front of your name . Either through the messengers , people paid it's your choice , but the most natural and trusted was his closest friend .

The most popularity boost is related to the performance and value you are getting more and more clear to its development . Remember your initial invented , there must be a value -added your criteria. Well , if it can develop added value .
For example, you preferred as first obat aborsi  position in your organization strategically ( popular ) , the current development of your organization must be popular again if necessary income . For example if you like your art because the Romantic soul , then your current artistic development must be more romantic and touching those who enjoy , if necessary income , let alone can make your media coverage , this waowwwww ! ! already , g'balik former GPP , definitely come better hahaha ! !Many women assume that he is not proficient in having sex in bed . However , some of these tips are very interesting and can help you perform better and build the perfect atmosphere to have sex .Related NewsNumber of Women Suffering from Breast Cancer Continues to IncreaseNumber of Women Suffering from Breast Cancer Continues to Increase5 Reasons bisnis online  Men Crazy Oral Sex5 Reasons Men Crazy Oral Sex
A man naturally easily bored with the style of lovemaking . But you can apply the following tips to make your partner do not make fun of you when making love like never before .
Here are a few sex tips from women who feel their lives better and to change obat aborsi men's views on the bed after doing this , as reported by Indiansutras , Saturday ( 03/02/2013 ) .
1 . kissing the back
Not only women who get aroused when touched the back but also would be happy if he caressed her back . You can do it with a kiss or tickle in the back pair . If you wish , you may also use the tongue to play with her .
2 . touch the ears
It was one of the men's sensual zone . Most women even suggest these sex tips for women do . With the tip of your tongue , you can caress and tickle your ears man . You can also tickle behind the ear to stimulate her family obat telat bulan and raise her mood .
3 . Moisten your lips
This is the other sex tips from some guys that can really benefit the women . If you want to create the perfect mood , try moistening your lips and it will indicate if you are ready to obat aborsi have sex with him .
4 . sucking nipples
Most men get turned on by sex tricks . That is why , most couples feel turned on by this trick , and this suggests not only to women but to men you are . Suction her nipples and try to bite gently to stimulate your man . You can also roll your tongue around his chest to tickle and excite him .
5 . Goda small balls ( testicles ) on his penis
This is one of the most common sex tips . You can do to stimulate her orally . Make sure you play softly .
You need to know , one of the greatest fantasy man is getting his wife to have sex with a wild and dirty in bed . See you lying in bed wearing nothing already made ​​his mind fantasize and happy . For that , you might need to invite her to have sex because it would be great if you are startingThen , for example because you like your jewelery ( Motor , style , gadgets , etc. ) , then inevitably you have to multiply again " iventori " obat pembesar penis of this kind, but if it was your loved one maniac inventory , if not exactly matre . Because matre today are very complex , not anymore matre consumptive , but the most noticeable is when your lover is not shy to go out with you , and you do not force him embarrassing " . Pake sandals jepitpun GPP , but drove hahaha ! !
Kesimpulannnya , spend quality time for yourself forward , rather than spend time thinking about the quality of your past self . Believe me if it is doing this, not only the former are turning , instead the former amit-amit also going back :)
Logical game :
1 . Excessive praise women make your value in his eyes dropped . Why ? It makes you no longer mysterious .
2 . Attract the attention of women by obat pembesar penis making them laugh , make you like a circus clown who has no value . Keep current attitude with him 'do not let you get stuck .
3 . Giving her favorite stuff , dude did not seem right . Bribed her with things like that is enough to make a woman away from you and make you frustrated .
4 . Speaking in a soft voice , which is made-up .
That is an example of a logical game , which usually makes men frustrated . Expectation is far from reality . Sang - man was busy blaming women while not realizing that the way he did is not the correct way .
" Women who are beautiful on the class ' 1,000 men queue up to get it , alat bantu sex  what makes you different from the 1,000 men it's so the woman decided to choose you ?
Game captivate emotions " PRETTY WOMAN "
1.Meminjam his book and did not return until the woman felt irritated and annoyed when the woman " that's your self - shadow will haunt him " Without capital bung .
2 . Exhausted , by the time you take it with him to various places that make colorful emotions . Without a shot he too will declare his love to you .
3 . Bring into your activities alat bantu sex  , your fitness suppose , take it to the gym and let him wait for hours for you . This is an advantageous position .
4 . Tease ' with subtle satire . For example : If she wears a lot of bracelets hand just say , bracelet 1 how much? quips as it shows that you are confident.
5 . Walking in front of him , the nature of male leaders while walking with her courage goes ahead and dare hold her hand .
6 . Tug , it makes her curious , and emotional kept thinking about you . give alat bantu sex something little by little .
7 . Sharp eyes and face , showing your position as a man . Get plenty of practice to get sharp eyes .
Those are some secrets in the conquest of women , essentially : " Conquer the one to conquer his emotions alat bantu sex  " .

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