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jasa seo murah - SEO Techniques and Methods for the blog . This paper will provide an overview to you what are the techniques and methods of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) that you can use to increase traffic to the blog / website. Remember that traffic is the key to the success of a blog / website , without traffic you will bite the fingers forever . 1 . Blog Topics This determination is the most important , why ? This is precisely the strength of your blog . Do not ever pick a theme or topic that is too diverse . If a blog choose a specific topic or special definitely will get special attention by the visitors of your blog . They will believe that you are an expert in such matters . Write a lot of very different will break your concentration and your blog readers . bisnis internet online You choose the theme that best quasi and Peel in more depth . I personally still very confident that the content in a blog is SEO itself than you use many techniques taught you even have to spend some money . The term Content is a King in my opinion is still the most important thing of any SEO techniques and methods you will ever read . If the theme you pick is the kind of every page that you 've made ​​will be increased significantly by itself because it will be related to each other in a search engine like Google . obat telat bulan You can see my article on " blogspot templates " which I wrote and which was based completely peeled why many people fail to change their template . 2 . Design Blog Design referred to in this section is the structure of your website or tag html / xhtml you use . Search engines are very pleased with the clean design blog of " rubbish " , right in the write html code and easy to navigate . Avoid using iFrame , Flash multimedia and Java Script excessive . Also make sure that your blog can be viewed properly on some major browsers are Mozilla Firefox obat aborsi ( at least version 3.0 ) and Microsoft Internet Explorer ( at least version 7.0 ) , and Opera at least version 10 . If you use a blog template design made ​​by someone else make sure you test it on the browser three visually then test the W3C Validator page . 3 . Link ( Link ) Internal You must have a sitemap . A sitemap is a map of the site that describes what structures are to pages in your blog . Search engines love blogs that have a sitemap . The search engines will be easy and fast to do an index on your blog . Do not be lazy to alat bantu sex check a link that a typo or is not there anymore . Please use Google WebmasterTools assistance for the purposes of this case , where Google will provide periodic reports to you if there is an incorrect link or not . Especially for that I highly recommend using WordPress.org plugins from Arne Brachhold the XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress . 4 . Blog updated periodically Back I remind you that the search engines will be more likely to do a check on your blog if you frequently update it . Write new content at least one to three times a week then increase to 1 times a day . It's not an easy thing to do for those who had other obat telat bulan than blogging . But if you pay attention to point 1 above, this would be very concerned , that's not good for you to write content in many themes as you simply focus on a theme only. 5 . Export Your Links Do not hesitate to put a link to the source that are relevant to your blog theme . Also do not forget to promote your blog on the many blogs that setema with your blog . Surely you will understand what I mean at this point . Never to promote your blog on other blogs that have nothing to do with your blog because it will only waste your valuable time . It is also believed to increase your credibility bisnis online in the eyes of other fellow bloggers who have a similar theme or topic . 6 . Use Domain Names Determination good domain name is the first thing that should be done , but not always a benchmark which affects the level of traffic to your blog . But if you want better memory problems and also problems ease pronounced the domain naming will be a very important thing . Choosing a domain name does require a fairly deep knowledge if you want everything perfect . But again I emphasize this does not directly obat aborsi have an impact on the good effects that the application of SEO techniques on your blog . 7 . Each option in the theme - Every Content / Articles If you have a theme to determine your skill or at least you like this theme then dig deeper into your knowledge . I am sure your skills will increase if you are diligent enough to learn it. In this case you have to stay focused on the main themes and obliged to make and create a deeper theme of your blog in order to be more specific , and ultimately you are the winner . For example if you write a lot of articles about computers , then you can also expose your writing skills on behalf of the viruses are rampant nowadays and how to handle it using an antivirus based on your experience . 8 . Note the number of words and keywords in each article Total short words in an article will not get noticed by the search engines . You should write an article at least 300 words . If you use an existing obat pembesar penis WordPress features that will control the number of words you have written, if more please but do not be too long and should be split into two or more in a series of its kind. There are quite a few assumptions on the 200 word alone , it is also not wrong in my opinion however you please consider adding pictures or photos to beautify and strengthen SEO techniques . Remember that the image is also able to bring in traffic if you can provide more specific secar file name and alternate name for her link . The keyword or keywords in the article was obliged continually to be done . Do everything possible to always put the keyword you target . Can be done on the article title , the tag or on the category you select also the image that you insert . 9 . Avoid Duplicate Content This is the most serious alat bantu sex thing ever. Please note carefully that the search engines will never prefers the duplication of the content in your blog especially together with have a blog on another address . The same content will lower the value of your blog in the eyes of search engines as low as possible . My best advice is do rewrite the article with your own language so it has a obat pembesar penis  different structure of the posts but still have the same meaning . If you can speak Indonesian would be very easy , but if you do not master the English language you should submit to the experts . 10 . Use the Blog Directory SEO technique will be more perfect if you often do promotions . Although once again I have more confidence in the ability of search engines like Google are going to do on their own without our order . The search engine is the most effective tool than a blog or website directory , free of charge and will be natural for a longer period of time .Since blogging in 2006 , a lot of changes that happened to the # webmaster , in particular SEO method . This time , I just want to alat bantu sex share with friends bersosial about # SEO methods that are obsolete ( no longer effective ) . What are they?
1 . Link exchange ( Link Exchange )Google bot now considers that backlinks are natural ( good ) one character is one way link . Therefore , it was concluded link exchange method is outdated , but one way link . In addition , the quality of the backlink backlink also determined that a theme . I try to analyze why a book alat bantu sex blog blogspot platform wearing his homework high. The reason why I blog katrok : Drama Scripts , not ride-up homework.
2 . Meta Keyword OptimizationIn 2009 , Google has confirmed on Meta Keyword commonly put under . Yep, now I did not use the Meta Keywords alat bantu sex for determining search rankings and web ranking . So , if you , the blogger , still apply meta keywords on your blog , it can be said you are wasting time on fruitless attempts . Why ? Because first-class search engines , like Google , Bing and Yahoo are not used meta keywords as a parameter .
3 . spammingThis method is usually applied by the contestants SEO . Because , they are looking for a shortcut to quickly boost the position of articles .
4 . Keyword StuffingWhat is the required keywords in the article ? I do not know for sure . According to sources that I read in trikmudahseo , at least 3 keywords . Well , when doing keyword stuffing blindly , of course Google bot will also consider it as spamming .
5 . Make the article too quickFirst article does make two lines still able to set foot on the first SERP # . alat bant sex But , now , I prefer the articles that have enough content to put in their first position . Just imagine , what information is described only two lines ? In fact , according to the sources that I read , the numbers 300-500 were deemed to be lacking . At least 1000 words . But , I still doubt it too . I have only one question , with the number of articles is a lot of what will happen to the blog with the theme of the poem ? Go to Google Sand desert are they?
Well these SEO methods alat bantu sex obsolete . The source I got from here , then I rewrite it. Baikkan me ? strategi pemasaran  Hohoho ...

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