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peluang usaha online Love is a feeling that is given by God to man for each pair .... ( love each other , have each other , meet each other , mutual understanding , etc. ) . Love itself can not be imposed at all , only love can brjalan if the 2nd half phiak perform " mutual " love it ... can not run if they are selfish . Since in touch , we would want a couple more attention , and it could only be from understanding partner.
Love is to give love instead of chains . Love can not bisnis online  be forced and sometimes it does not even come in accidentally . Love is beautiful but the pain left behind sometimes lasts longer than love itself . The limits of love and hate are also very thin but with the love of the world in which we live seemed lighter .
Love is a feeling of one's interest in the opposite sex as something that is owned by the opposite sex ( eg, nature , faces etc. ) . However, understanding and mutual obat telat bulan  understanding necessary to be able to continue the relationship , should cover each partner's flaws and accept what is, without coercion by either party . Sharing love together and share common grief .
Love it is something pure , white , sincere and pure that arise in the absence of coercion or a made-up thing , I personally love it can make that person could be motivated to make changes that lebihb aik than before he knows it's love . Love is something that is sacred and we must not desecrate the sacred love with all our selfishness that just wants delish delish ndak for us and for you . TIPS : to preserve love takes UNDERSTANDING !

Acts of sacrifice for the sake of proving love even to loss of life like love story Romeo and Juliet was also happening in real life . obat telat bulan Many people are willing to do whatever, in order to prove his love . Of the many real stories about love , following Bimoinbox 5 summarize the evidence of sacrificial love .

1 . Being willing Lost Treasure and enthusiasts Similarfatinbahari
A British man named Ian Young was willing to spend obat aborsi  the money of 1.86 billion dollars in order to prove his love . But unfortunately , ended with Ian sacrifice in vain . Because his wife Fatine that turns men left . When met Fatine in Malaysia , Ian did not know that Fatine is a man with a real name Mohammad Fadzil Min Bahari . However, because it was already in love , 32 -year -old man was willing to undergo a similar relationship then married Fatine in the UK in 2009 . For the love also , he willingly mengeularkan all his savings and sold all his possessions to finance the cost of a lawyer and get a visa to stay full of British interior ministry for Fatine . However , after what they want Fatine has materialized , leaving Ian to Manchaster Fatine to be a bar dancer . Ian who already do not have anything more deeply heartbroken to attempt suicide by drinking an overdose of antidepressants obat aborsi  .

2 . Photo Minikahi partnermagali
In order to prove his love , a woman named Magali Jaskiewicz married Jonathan George pacarnaya who had died a year ago . Couples who have been in a relationship for 6 years , it was originally going to get married in France in November 2008 . But Jonathan was killed in a motorcycle accident two days before the wedding . With the support of friends and family , 30-year -old woman was desperate to do a wedding with a photo of Jonathan in France in late 2009 . Demi membuktukan his love for Jonathan , he struggled to get permission to marry someone who is dead .

3 . Taj Mahal - Proof of Love Eternaltaj - expensive
Taj Mahal is located in Agra , India is now a world obat aborsi heritage site which is in charge of UNESCO , is in fact evidence Sultan Jahan's love for his late wife that Arjumand . While giving birth to a son 14 , Arjumand who always called Mumtaz Mahal by Sultan palace which means choice , died. Then to prove his love , Sultan built the Taj Mahal because that's one of the 4 Mumtaz request before dying . The process of building the magnificent Taj Mahal took 22 years , with the best hiring 20,000 workers . To prove his true love , the Sultan is not just built the Taj Mahal , teteapi nearly 60 meter high building is made of rose gold-plated marble stone , silver , and diamonds .

4 . For the Love of the Dead obat aborsi RelaCleopatra - and- Mark - Anthony
Who does not know Cleopatra . Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty when menjbat as queen , Cleopatra love relationship with one of the great leaders of the Roman Marc Anthony . Because of his love for Cleopatra , then Anthony spent more time in court than fight the Queen with his troops to seize the new colony . Attitudes Marc Anthony makes another Roman leader Octavian became angry that the fight against Cleopatra and Marc Anthony . obat pembesar penis In a depressed state of defeat , Anthony heard that his beloved Cleopatra committed suicide . But apparently when he was dying , Marc Anthony has learned that news of the death was a lie . Marc Anthony finally died in the arms of a lover. Then, because his love is also lah , Cleopatra committed suicide after Marc Anthony into the afterlife by inserting his hand into the basket of poisonous snakes .

5 . Releasing Holds DaughterKuroda - Sayako
obat pembesar penis The next is a love story Princess Sayako , only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Princess Michiko of Japan , Princess , which was known by the name of Princess Nori was apparently in love with a commoner named Kuroda . In order to prove his love , Princess Nori willing to marry a man who is a longtime friend of Prince Akishimo , brother of the princess even though he had to relinquish the title and became a commoner kebangsawannya . The release of the title of nobility is not a form of rejection of both parents of the princess , tetepi is already a household rules in the kingdom of the Sakura . Before officially out as the royal family , the kingdom held a series of traditional ceremonies for the PrincessThe deepest human feelings yangmembuatnya willing to sacrifice anything for alat bantu sex  the sake of his loved ones . Sacrifice is sincere , do not expect a reply . If for example, gave many gifts to someone but on condition that the person should be willing to reciprocate with his girlfriend , it was not love . Love can not be measured by material or derived from the mortal world . And trust me ... the greatest love usually always come from the mother , instead of a boyfriend ( girlfriend because love can fade after a while or married someday ) .
Love , make happy , sorrow or blind . Sacrificial love , bitterness , beauty and warmth . Love is a willingness to give without asking for anything, but would love to be more beautiful if both giving and receiving , so the warmth , alat bantu sex  harmony and togetherness through life can be achieved . Love is a word that has many meanings , depending on how we put this in life . Atatakai koto wa ai da .
Love can make people blind to everything just for the sake of love for the beloved . We also know what it means to love it . Psti love can make people feel joy and sorrow at the same time when we are trying to get happiness together . So it is not for our own happiness . Nevertheless we not be allowed to avoid missteps toward misery . Do it for those you love that you do not feel alat bantu sex wasted needlessly . Because that's what makes life more vivid ( Losta Masta ) .
Love is a warm feeling that can make us realize how precious we are , and the presence of someone so precious to us to protect. Love is not limited to words alone , because love is much more valuable than the treasures in the world 's most expensive too . When someone holds your hand and says " I love you ... " is sure to be a special warm feeling ! Therefore, when you 've found someone who is so precious to you , do not ever let her go ! But sometimes love is so painful , and the only way to show your love is just merlekan him go alat bantu sex  .
Love is a feeling that no one can figure out when it came , even though the owner's feelings . If we had known love , we will be the happiest people in the world . However , if we love unrequited , we will feel that we are the most unfortunate and we will lose the passion alive . With love , we can learn to appreciate each other , and trying to protect our loved ones , apaun will happen to us . Ai ga da kirei'n pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar

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