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peluang usaha online The blog had fun because we could write something that we think about and share them over the internet to millions of people gan . For some people blogging is just a hobby ( i really ) and for some that blogging is not a job Ko gan ? To become a blogger actually do not bother to hell, it is important to have an idea that can make writing poured into a gan wrong .

Create new loe might want to start blogging , this time I got a few tips . These tips are all of the blogging experience for gw aja gan . Whose name is not so natural that beginners understand about the world perbloggingan . Therefore we must continue to study and learn gan . Gw aja ampe now still learning so I'll be a professional blogger ( ideals ) bisnis online .

From blogging much can we get a , of which so got a lot of friends , increase knowledge and can generate money too gan . We immediately wrote to the main topic , i will share the following tips for beginners start blogging really gan . Remember for beginners really , if you've loe senior please wrote in to read and read useful obat telat bulan  gan who knows .

Tips to Start Blogging For Beginners Banget

Before you start blogging certainly should have a blog , if you have not got ya make first gan . Many free blog platforms that can loe use eg Blogger , WordPress , Tumblr , TypePad , and many more , please chosen according to taste gan . If you want to create a blog on obat aborsi Blogger can read the tutorial here .

If for usahain blog blog namain unique , interesting and not too long . Eg name loe aja pake not a problem or the same name associated topics for blogs that would loe gan . 've Created a blog now up to the tips , check it dot gan .

1 . Objectives and Topics
Tentuin what purpose obat aborsi such loe blogging just for fun , hobbies , looking for money or anything else . This is important because even though the future may be a blogger loe clear and focused gan . Loe That is not going to change course and adherents - fox - ngikutin anyone else . If only ngikutin anyone else not going to succeed , because every blogger has their own advantages gan .

Already clear goal now tentuin your blog's topic gan . Blog topic should fit obat aborsi  the same hobbies or things like that loe . The reason is simple because loe aja would be easier to get a idea for writing posts . Create an interesting idea that bloggers are the most hard to find gan . Additionally if loe create a blog that has to do the same things you like, it will make loe and spirit feel more enjoy managing your own blog will no death gan .

2 . writing Posts
Already have a blog with a clear alat bantu sex purpose and topic , it's time to start writing posts gan . Before you start writing , loe definitely want to someday read posts that are made will be a lot of people yes it gan . For that loe need find out what he likes and attract people's attention . A simple way loe aja search in Google , interesting ideas that would loe wrote . From there loe 'll know how many blogs already made ​​a post about the idea gan .

Google Keyword manfaatin also for Kismet know the number of people who are looking for and how competitive a keyword gan . This is important because as a beginner loe not going to be directly ngalahin senior bloggers and penetrated the front page of Google all it took gan . So awalai of the level of competition is not too high gan alat bantu sex  .

Make it interesting posts , usahain use images that make posts for " a more meaningful picture of the thousands of words " gan , beneficial for the read , easy to understand language ( written in the style bandwagon loe people do not ) , do not be too thinking about SEO ( not important for a beginner really ) , so often I'll update your blog's post on the same cepet Indexnya Alexa rank Google also obat pembesar penis makes the good and sincere Write with the results would definitely maknyus gan .

Do not ever make posts that do not correspond to the facts aka gan deceiving . And one mistake a beginner usually happy Copas post anyone else , with the goal of content though so many blog posts . Gan why your blog's content but not a lot of interesting and just copy and paste the results ?

Key to a successful blog for posting content gan . Interesting content in addition to the same favored visitors also will make these postings is on the front page of Google . obat pembesar penis This fact is not a dream , please proved itself gan .
3 . Looking for Something ( Inspiration )

Nyari something gan ni fuck ? gini gan means looking for something that loe frequent visits to anyone else fancy term blog especially Blogwalking top blogs , cool and a lot of number of visitors . The goal ya looking for something useful for your blog's progress . First observe how the way that a blog posting that deliver content , continue to design blogs and other interesting things , which could later be the inspiration kirannya and obat telat bulan  applied in your blog's gan .

It's different if you've loe senior ngelakuin not need crap like this very often , because anyone else who would blogwalking to your blog's gan . Just try loe checks where there are senior blogger continues ninggalin blogwalking fro anyone else comments on the blog , it is very rare . Instead they are arrogant but they already have a position and focus on their own blogs gan .

While visiting the blog if anyone else get a feel loe inspiration , it's good to just leave comments loe gan . Create a regular comment aja ninggalin not use any links , so bloggers who have learned good manners are valued equally loe let my friends bloggers that others are gan . Aja should just leave a link but not very obat aborsi  often and do not use live links gan .

4 . Target ( Rank & Visitors )
In making and doing things that would have high targets gan was really good . Here as a novice blogger really , i advice do not put the target is too high . Suppose my blog should be in the order of No. 1 Google and blogs can ngalahin the A , B etc. . It's actually a good motivation but loe also have to be aware and realistic when loe a novice it took to achieve it all gan .

Do not be thinking about the position in the search , for alat bantu sex him to focus on interesting posts and in the future will see a lot of people . In this way unwittingly loe what the expectations will be achieved with ease gan . Checking do not often post positions in the search , because that position will make the spirit loe ugly drop , leave it om Google works to bring post loe to fill top positions with qualified post unique and interesting loe gan .

Do not be too overly thinking about the number of visitors to your blog's gan . It is very natural that the number of visitors few new blogs . So do not be taken if your blog's stress deserted , tetep spirit for something interesting and confident at what loe made. With so without knowing the future loe your blog's visitors alat bantu sex  will increase and the more crowded gan . Nothing is impossible in the world perbloggingan gan .

5 . Socialization ( Promotion )

This is one of the most important things for ningkatin number of visitors and the popularity of your blog's gan . Your blog's socializing through social media to my friends or people who know loe gan . Do not ever feel ashamed to promote your blog's , PD loe aja gan work the same . Because it is one powerful way for the visitor's attention , especially for novice blog really pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar.

It's different if you've loe senior , certainly do not need your blog's promotion would much ngunjungin gan . Because blogs are already old and already have a good loyal and regular visitors gan . Also the senior bloggers have their tricks for ningkatin number of visitors gan . So for starters really loe should continue to promote a new blog that already made ​​gan .

But there are methods that should loe usahain promotion for the gan avoided pasang iklan online  . Of whom submit posts to social bookmarking , blog directories and article directories . The reason is because many sosbook , blog directories , article directories and poor quality gan . Do not start a new blog loe with things that do not quality gan . Mending loe join in the forum for Kismet friends and gradually loe can promote your blog's , but do not spit link mainly live link everywhere gan .

6 . Design & SEO

Why i put design and SEO in the back ? because the namamnya beginner if you've talking about the same design SEO will forget everything . Typically beginner blogger ngutak really happy about with the blog design , even more focus on the design ngurusin Bener not make posts gan ? So do not be thinking about the design usahain strategi pemasaran blog , because over time will loe can make a blog look cool and professional gan .

SEO is one of the important elements that let the blog loe can make the front page Google gan . Everywhere everyone is talking about SEO for ningkatin blog ranking in search engines . But loe as a beginner it's good that his name not be too thinking about SEO because it can make loe confused gan . So you want to make any post - shadow loe would imagine the name of SEO .

This could make the results of post loe not optimal because too thinking about SEO , feel completely wrong and the name stuck with SEO . Ampe honest now I do not have too jasa pembuatan toko online murah thinking about SEO if you make a post, that 's just how i pikirin post unreadable and i let people liked gan .

The main goal we write a post for visitors not search engines gan . Google also om the nyaranin we make this ngelakuin gan . For business SEO for beginners should lakuin basic things such aja put meta tags that use Blogger , continued placement of keywords in the title of your blog's posts and submit to Google Webmaster Tools Google Analystic add the same in the blog ( tutorial search on Google ) gan . Over time loe will better understand and grasp how SEO was gan .

7 . learn

This final tips for beginners to learn the very gan . If we want smart ya gotta learn right bener gan . Never be afraid to make learning about things related to the world of blogging gan . Start for learning basic things about HTML code , because the HTML code is the basic element of a blog mainly on Blogger . So the future will be easier for loe ngedit ngedit blog - gan .

Also learn basic things about SEO then gradually loe try to practice . Because SEO it should be practiced successfully for knew what not gan . I not going to discuss SEO too far here , loe i can read posts on SEO tips for beginners gan .

In addition to learning both of the above loe should also learn from others are gan blogger . Never be ashamed to ask for , if weve not good loe comment box Nanya through email can have a blog . Learn more loe loe increasingly have the ability gan .

That's the tips that can be considered for a beginner to start blogging really gan . Before i end this there are some simple tips about things to avoid in loe really blogging for beginners , gan following tips :

Avoid excessive use widgets , besides making heavy blog also makes the blog look not known.
Memoneytize blog , do not get too many banner ads that do not need to be advertised first . Forget your blog's age rather old and new visitors crowded advertised start gan . Simple wrote , the new blog would not have a high value when compared blogs that age old already . If you want to get money from the ads have to be patient gan .
Do not disable the comments , because as a blogger should loe same deket blog visitors . Without them the blog would not loe make no sense gan .
Same link exchange is not relevant blogs , beginners usually very happy and feel proud to link exchange if you have a lot of links from blogs others are not it gan ? Caution is against the rules of Google , the future certainly will understand gan loe .

So first i could share this time , may be useful for you who want to start blogging , especially for beginners really. Remember also just leave a comment below for ya , do not be shy gan .

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