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MedanBisnis - Medan. As with other fruit, jackfruit has many variants, including a mini jack which is now more widely cultivated by farmers and residents who have a hobby of plant cultivation.
Chairwansyah, jackfruit pebudidaya mini MedanBisnis encountered in Jalan Besar residence Klambir Five Silver Overlay, Wednesday (21/8), said mini jackfruit tree can be developed in a narrow area, such as the home page even roadside origin does not interfere with the flow of vehicles.
Mini jackfruit has a sweeter taste than regular fruit jackfruit relatively large and tall trees, just a little more fruit and fiber drier. Usually the plant age 1 to 2 years old with a height of 1 meter trees, jackfruit mini has begun berbuah.Nangka is a type of fruit that is quite familiar and largely grown in home gardens, especially in rural areas. Yet still they rarely make it as a crop plant jackfruit cultivation / agribusiness. Pattern yard effort in the land is farmed around the house. These results are not solely to be sold but mostly for their own consumption. While the pattern of plantings is planting on land that is much wider than the yard with a consideration of the results to meet the needs of the market, capital and labor reasonably available and the land in accordance with the requirements of a growing jackfruit

Along with the development of food as well as the emergence of a range of innovative food processing makes jackfruit which has a fairly short shelf life it into refined products with a long shelf life and enough demand by the public. Therefore jackfruit cultivation can be a promising business opportunity. After the previous article we discussed the provision of seeds and planting media, this article focuses more jackfruit cultivation in planting techniques and plant maintenance.

D. ENGINEERING PENANAMANKelebihan jackfruit jackfruit tree mini than normal is not necessarily widely planted area. Naturally, it is a mini size. In fact, in addition to the soil, plants can be grown in large pots.

The owner of Farmers Barokah in Majalengka, West Java, Surachman say, if you want the plants to live longer, should provide land measuring 2 meters x 2 meters to plant a tree.

According to him, the most important of the mini jackfruit cultivation is to keep the soil remains moist. "If it is too dry, the plant can be stressful and leaves a lot of loss," said Surachman.
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