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The high cost of education makes the birth of a variety of scholarships in junior high, high school, to university. But, usually the scholarship can not be obtained with it.

Candidates must meet all requirements and pulau pari taravel successfully pass a variety of selection that is super tight. Not surprisingly, only a few people can enjoy the convenience of get education that is not burdensome.

The lucky one is Timothy Christian Wijaya. Sophomore Texas Tech University's United winning a scholarship since his education at the high school level.

The man who nicknamed Timmy's got a scholarship the first time when she graduated from junior high school in East Java. Thanks to the high value of learning and achievement in school, she managed to get a scholarship out of high school for three years Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF).

Through the program Sampoerna Academy Foundation, Timmy does not need to pay a penny for his education. In fact, this 19-year-old man living in a dorm PSF and get a variety of training, both in academic and nonakademik (soft skills) that are useful for life.

He received training, ranging from English, leadership, organization, to community service. "We get a thorough education opportunity," said Timmy.

Opportunity to obtain education holistically Timmy felt very useful for their survival today. Not just merely academic, for three years, he also learned a lot about hard work, humility, and discipline.

So, he got the supplies and the courage to apply for other scholarships. Timmy confidence it brings results.

Today, a man winning a scholarship PSF level 1 East Java has been getting a college scholarship in the United States (U.S.). "A lot of value can be gained from the scholarship, yesterday. So, I am confident and can get a scholarship to college, too, "he said.

pulau pari However, it is recognized Timmy, got a scholarship was not an easy matter. At the high school level, he had to beat thousands of other competitors. Various terms that he needed to be prepared.

Academic achievement in the first step Timmy opened the door a scholarship. Furthermore, he also had to write essays and pass the entire selection. Starting from the academic tests, psychology, focus group discussion (FGD), and interviews.

According to him, the key to success for a scholarship is confident and be yourself. "We have to be honest and candid in completing the essay when applying for a scholarship," said the finance majors.

Various Scholarship in Educational Institutions

The difficulty of the current economic conditions make people, especially those trying to get a scholarship achievement. Various efforts have been undertaken to facilitate the way in studying aspired.

Luckily, today many organizations that provide scholarship assistance is required. Not only is held by private companies, but also a number of universities in Indonesia, both private and public.

One private university in Jakarta, which is committed to provide scholarships is the National University (Unas). Scholarship that there was not only for students, wisata pulau pari but also new students.

Marketing and Public Relations staff Unas Indah Lestari said, in Unas there are several categories of scholarships. According to him, the form of scholarships given Unas is mixed.

So that, both students and prospective students can choose the scholarship program according to his ability. Scholarships for students, for example, he added, possess three categories.

The first is a scholarship for those who are not able, for outstanding scholarship, and assistance from Bank BRI. But, all three of these categories has a condition, which must have a grade point average (GPA) of more than 2.75.

In addition, students who receive a minimum also must already be in the second half. "Terms of the most important, more than a 2.75 GPA," said Lovely.

Meanwhile, support scholarships for incoming freshmen also have several types. Assistance is intended to facilitate high school graduates to college is recognized Beautiful indeed a special program at the university in the area of ​​South Jakarta.

Because, it is not all easy for universities to implement assistance to high school students can sample college. "This kind of scholarship assistance is able to promote Unas in the wider community," said Belle.

For New Graduates High School

Apart from the high school, the dream was educated at the university level can still be obtained with a scholarship. Each university usually has a scholarship program that makes it easy to continue the dream of Indonesian children to college.

National University, for example. There are some conveniences that can be chosen by the applicant. wisata pulau pramuka However, there are a variety of convenience which is accumulative, alias can only choose one.

Several options are available conveniences, including:

1. Free netbooks for new students who enroll in 13 courses if paid in full at the time of re-registration fee.

2. For students from families Betawi or Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), prospective students can get a free registration form for all courses. In addition, there is also a 50 percent scholarship money package semester (UPS) during college.

3. For new students with grades of at least 9.0 and UAN, there are some conveniences that can be obtained. Among them, the free educational development money (UPP), 50 percent of scholarship money package semester (UPS) during lectures, and free written test.

4. For new students with grades of at least 8.0 and or UAN, gets a cut tuition fees of Rp 1 million if paid in full the cost of UPS + UPP at the time of re-registration. n Aghia khumaesi ed: setyanavidita livikacansera jasa seo indonesia

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