Minggu, 22 Desember 2013

Shooting a popular keyword from google search engine is not difficult especially for you a seo master. Maybe it's as easy back your palm. Popular search a word in a way that is good is not dirty, but properly so that Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online google will show you if the site for the keywords you created according to what users are looking for.
Simple just google.com only gives access to the article is in accordance with what they want the seeker. For more details, let's plot more clearly
Suppose you are a blogger looking for a popular keyword in adwors.google.com with search results as follows:
How to cook Fried Rice Low 100000 How to Make a Delicious Spicy Fried Rice Low 4000 How to Make a Low Nasi Padang 700000 How to Make Rice Low> 1000000 How to make fried rice ala Bandung Low in 1000 how to make easy fried rice pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar  Low 78000 how to make fast-food fried rice Low 4000

And There is a mother who is looking for a way to cook fried rice typical of Bandung;
Automatically shows Google will be taking the title of the blog title of the article how to make fried rice ala duo in bandin How to make rice or fried rice how to cook Why is that?

The answer is simple, these keywords are too general, the keyword search because of the large number of keywords is also calculated at the time people are looking for things that have that keyword.
Suppose you type how to make fried rice ala Betawi says how to make rice, and how ... fried rice is also included in the google search database. it is thus appropriate only if the polynomial.
should not search for keywords exactly with what is on adwords, just that we should be more selective and able to develop keywords berdasaar on existing data
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