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This is her 25 tips that I will give an analysis based on sex that I've learned the following :Tip 1How naughty fingers you dare give obat telat bulan him the satisfaction ? Hmm ... seems not quite naughty yes . A sex therapist , I suggest to give a warm welcome to the him by reaching into his pocket he's part , as if looking for a coin in it . Your fingers naturally naughty movement amused and ' harden ' , if it is so, softly whisper in her ear "I think there's no coin , but I found something else honey . " I bet he's not going to wait for a long time how skittish your reply to him .Tip 2I was advised to give different oral technique on the him . It's easy, when giving oral to the couple , trying to play Mr . P such as removing the cap . Do not forget to add a little tongue game that will make him not going to forget this moment .3 TipsI think try , combine the warm water and aromatherapy ( THE ART OF TANTRIC SEX ) will give a different sensation to the mind and body . Relaxed sense of energy in the body and then give you and him to describe the love of your canvas .4 TipsIndulge yourself with sexy lingerie , and do not show it off to your partner minder . " When you feel sexy , you are sexy indeed obvious , "5 TipsI gently suggested to hold Mr. P , and then transitioning to obat aborsi all parts of your body , especially on the chest , nipples , neck , cheeks , ears , nose and end by giving a gentle kiss your lips , owhh ..6 TipsGive him a special massage from you without using your hands ya know . Then how massagenya ? You still have a nose and part of her face and hair as well as your chest . With that you will give massage to the whole body . Hold on to not touch the Mr . P , let him feel the climax at the end of the course .7 Tipstry to serve dessert in a unique way , do not use a spoon , but use with your lips . "8 TipsWhy should not confident in your beautiful body ? Every person has a distinctive individual . Get the confidence and sexy aura to learn your own body . " Give 5 minutes for you every day to look at your naked body , look at how beautiful your body . alat bantu sex Sense of awe will increase your confidence and sexy aura in front of your spouse .9 Tips" Wear a costume that exciting and naughty to give him inspiration and visualization , " ..10 Tips" Wrap Mr . P the him with both your hands and give warmth to the breath and the softness of your lips . Instantly Mr . P it will become warmer and warmer again . Play ball well both testicles are too long for you , " ..11 TipsMake him curious ! Remove the upper armor only, but hold and do not let him off the bottom . So he is more curious , you can wear super tight jeans that will make him more impatient .12 TipsEncourage him to play . Not a difficult game that actually makes excite him down , but challenging game that will make him more ' hot ' . How about a game of cards and buttons ? Sounds interesting does not it?13 TipsMany couples who have intercourse but stopped kissing . Though the kiss was mild sexual activities that will make your partner keep warm and miss each other . Leave 10 seconds to give a big kiss to the him every day , and your love will alat bantu sex never freeze .14 TipsThere are some parts of the body that are very sensitive partner , but do not touch the parts with your hand , start tracing it with naughty tongue and kiss you .15 TipsChange your room into your love hotel . Decorate with flowers and carpets throughout your floor . Or overstuffed sofa set that fits to your lovemaking . Allow plenty of room for you to move in the room , moving naturally with your foot instead of running , but when you curl up and rest on each other . Hmmm ... like the world really belongs to you both . Do not leave an inch even ya !16 TipsDo not ignore the power of a quickie . Take advantage of your busy times by making occasional quickie with her . Sensations are very different than when you and he provides a special time for lovemaking .17 Tips" Do not close your eyes during foreplay , but open your eyes and face him gently . Emotional bond you will wake up to make eye contact with a partner , " DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL SENSUAL '' .18 TipsListen to the heart rate he is getting tight . That is a sign that he really wants you .19 TipsSex is about the angle . Where appropriate body parts enjoy penetration right angle . Put a pillow under your hips him while you're at it . And alat bantu sex discover a different penetration sensation only with the help of a pillow .20 TipsDo not be shy to shout or speak . Or if you feel uncomfortable , just whisper the name of him . Is a powerful way to maximize your orgasm and make him more excited on you .21 TipsTry to add extra lotion or lubricant during intercourse . Do not hesitate to wet every inch of her body . Or give me massage him , he will feel more comfortable and confident for longer .22 TipsAt the woman on top position , rotate your body back to him . Hold the leg and do not let Mr . P when you spin . This sensation will make her comfortable and addiction .23 TipsBe a good caregiver and nurse him in bed , let him enjoy the extra service of you . Men like to be serviced , and do not hesitate to show your delinquency and her brave attitude . He would ask again .24 TipsWhen kissing with him do not stop just to take a breather . Let your breath panting and still position your lips and let him pulverize each other alat bantu sex each other's lips .25 TipsDo not rush in making your move , start slowly and gently , the new speed increase up to the climax strategi pemasaran.

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