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Obat Telat Bulan So far, mostly for how to calculate gestational age still rely on experts either doctors or midwives , indeed it is recommended for the accuracy of the calculation of gestational age . Moreover , usually performed to calculate gestational age using ultrasound , which has a higher level of accuracy by measuring the size of the skull , fetus length , the size of the heart , kidneys and so on . However , there is no harm in people knowing how to calculate gestational age to do yourself . There are several ways to do pregnant women to calculate gestation who has a good degree of accuracy , obat aborsi of which is based on the :
Obat pembesar penis How to Calculate Age Pregnancyhow - compute - gestational - age
First Day of Last Menstrual ( HPHT ) .First Day of Last Menstrual intent was , the first day of your period , for example, now in March , after you test positive for pregnancy with your TESTPACK it is your first day of menstruation is , you will recall when you menstruate , the first menstruation at the time of your menstrual ini.misalnya last before pregnancy in January or February month ago . Well that mean it is the date of the beginning of menstruation .
To be able to calculate your gestational age based on LMP can only be done by pregnant women who had normal and regular menstrual cycles ( 28-30 days ) . For the estimated gestational age based on alat bantu sex LMP can use Neagele formula , but can calculate gestational age , this formula can also be used to calculate the approximate day of birth ( HPL ) . The use of this formula is to add 7 on the first day of the last menstrual period , then subtract 3 months and add 1 in it , while for the month can not be reduced by 3 , such as January, February , and March , the month plus 9 , but his still no plus or minus . Please see the illustration below :
Final written is 23 08-10 ( this date or due date of birth HPL )So the estimated time of your birth is dated 23 August 2010 , while the stay count for each gestational age of 23 , so at the date of December 23 , mean gestational age you step on the moon , 23 January gestational age 2 months and so on . Just count yourself , either way its a good look .
If you know her in the early menstruation , how dong boss ? ? okay i love the example again , to menstruation in January , February and March .
If you HPHT is 20 January 2010, then obat pembesar penis :
To Estimated Birth Day should be added grace period plus or minus 7 days .
For the second method is the same principle with the method above unity , ie every 27th you age 1 month , meaning that on the 27th February 2010 the pregnancy you are one month . and so on .
Before you order products in our place , it would be nice you know in advance how it calculates the age of your womb , so that you choose the right product for your gestation . in order to know where the products that capture , which is one month , two months or three months , if in doubt about your pregnancy , for example, between one and two , or the middle , then it is suggested you take a higher , ie two months .
Alat Bantu Sex What if I forgot the first date of her last period ? Wow , hard too huh . Please Ask at your girlfriend , see calendar which is usually on the mark , or look at your girlfriend hp agenda , usually a girl always keep her menstrual dates in the calendar hp or his blackberry . Normal female cycle is usually 28 to 30 days . ask your partner .
Good tips on how to calculate this gestational age and could be a guideline for you Bisnis internet online .

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