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Pasang Iklan Baris Gratis Tanpa Daftar- Business Strategy in the marketing and promotion of SMEs With social media the internet is one thing that should be done . Interesting indeed , increase of Internet users at this time was not just ignored by the business . Today many business people who deliberately create a website , blog , or social networks like facebook and twitter as a medium for marketing their products . The power of internet media is large enough, gives a distinct advantage Iklan Massal for the business . By understanding the business strategy in the marketing and promotion of SMEs with internet social media , online marketing strategy will make the effort as 24 hours non-stop and can be accessed all over the world and not a lot of a lot of money .
1 . Online Marketing Strategies via Website or Blog .
Iklan Baris Gratis - Having a website or blog as a means of marketing online is a necessity , because by having a wesite or blog , your business can be seen online in 24 hours , and can be accessed by the whole world , especially to your website or blog for more details of the product you selling .
2 . Website optimization marketing strategy
Peluang bisnis online More and more Internet users seek out information through search engines like Google and Yahoo accordance with the keyword or keywords in the desired or known by the term SE ( Search Engine Optimization ) . Generally, the user will click on the top link on the first page alone know of the search results .
3 . Benefits of Social Networking
Almost all internet users have accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter for Bisnis internet Online, Friendster , and other social networks . Currently facebook or twitter user alone is nearly tens of millions of Indonesia alone , well until now facebook marketing term potential to promote the product .
4 . email Marketing
In addition to the promotion of a website , blog , social network , it turns out the way this one was powerful enough done for promotional marketing . You can tell the prospective customers about your product information , offers and personalized mass email marketing . So that promotional activities more easily , cheaply, and effectively . Prospective customers that are interested in your product , typically the product will ask for information by phone or reply to your email . The existence of highly effective email marketing support marketing activities both online and ofline .
5 . Forum or Online Community
Discussion forums are the place to discuss something that was needed by consumers , for example in the community forums or business , you should actively follow the forums with the aim of introducing yourself to the other members first, then you can leave your link in the forum Obat Telat Bulan, Obat Pembesar penis and Alat Bantu Sex .
6 . Promotion through free advertising
This is one way that is often done by businesses , today many websites in Indonesia that provides free ads website without any cost , you just need to register and immediately insert profiles , and details of your product .
7 . Put a banner on other sites
Put banners on sites that have a lot of visitors is more effective because it can attract the visitors to your website , it can help your web optimization .
8 . product review

Review or review a product can be a powerful weapon in online marketing . You can ask for a review of other blogs about your product to display on their blog or website .
9 . give Response
iklan baris It is also important to influence marketing activities . When it gets a comment or reply from the website , blog , or any other of the consumer . You shall immediately respond with a fairly warm response , the response that we give would be one effective tool to convince consumers about the care or services greatly to the problems they face .
10 . Easily indexed by the search engine GOOGLE
pasang iklan massal Lastly, is to optimize more of the above ways is a great way to promotional messages can be quickly indexed by the search engine GOOGLE . It's just an example when we write on twitter or facebook ads do not forget to include the hashtag ( # ) . It aims to facilitate the way our twitter indexed in search engines and is in the first position when the twitter users looking for the keyword or keywords that we use .

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