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It feels great when I heard there was a woman graduate of a prestigious university has been working on a bona fide company with a salary of millions of dollars per month . Not to mention the companies often assign women to fly out of the country to settle the affairs of the company . Seen as the success he has achieved . Is that really likeAgen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online?

Most people would think so . Something said to be successful over assessed in terms of material so if there is something that does not give the value of the material will be underestimated . Such a perspective makes a lot of Muslim women shifted from fitrohnya . View that now it is high time women not only stay in the home mom , but now it's time ladies ' indicates the existence of self ' outside . Describing as though being a stay at home mom is low .

We can be found when a housewife old friend asked " Now work where ? " Feels heavy for answers , trying to change the subject or answered in a low voice as he bowed " I am a housewife " . It seemed a shame ! Moreover, if an old friend who asks that "successful " career in a large company . Or we can be found when there is a well-known Muslim university graduates with good performance or even wanted cum laude submissive at home being a wife and mother to the children , he had to deal with the " advice " of his beloved father : " My daughter ! You 've already graduate , cum again ! Unfortunately if only at home ngurus husband and son . " In fact , beloved daughter wanted submissive to something noble , something that has become his responsibility . There he wants to find paradise .

Mother As An Educator

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih al- ' Uthaymeen rahimahullah said that the improvement of society can be done in two ways : First , repair outwardly , the improvement which took place in markets , mosques , and other external affairs . It is much dominated by men , because they are often visible and out of the house . Second , public improvements behind the scenes , namely improvements made in the house . Most of this role given to women because a woman is the housekeeper . It is as revealed Allaah which means :

" And let you stay in your home and you do not ornate and behave like people who formerly ignorance and establish prayer and pay the alms , and obey Allah and His Messenger . Verily Allah intends going to eliminate your sins , O Ahlul Bait and thorough cleansing cleanse you . " ( Surat al - Ahzab : 33 )

Generation growth of a nation is the first time the mother was in the cradle . This means that a mother has taken a large share of the personal formation of a generation . It is a huge task ! Teach them the phrase La ilaha illallah , monotheism to stick their chests , instill a love of the Quran and As Sunnah as a rule of life , love of knowledge , love of Al Haq , teach them how to worship the God who has created them , teach them morals - noble character , teach them how to be brave but not overbearing , teach them to be grateful , patient teaching , teach them the meaning of discipline , responsibility , teaching them empathy , respect for others , forgiveness , and much more . This includes things that many people regarded as something small and trivial , such as teaching the child to the bathroom manners . Not just so that children know that entering the bathroom with the left foot , but how to make it such a habit that can be attached to it . It takes diligence and patience to get used to .

A Responsibility

Allaah says , which means :

" O you who believe , keep yourself and your family from the fire whose fuel is men and stones , guardian angels are rough , tough , that does not disobey Allah in what He commands them , and always do what they're told . " ( Surat at Tahrim : 6 )

Word of Allaah which means : " Keep yourselves and your family ! " investasi online Above using ficil Amr ( command verbs ) which indicates that obligatory. Therefore all the Muslims who have family shall save yourself and your family from the dangers of fire.

About Letters Tahrim At this 6th verse , Ali ibn Abi Talib radi ' anhu said , " Teach kindness to yourself and your family." ( Reported by Al- Hakim in his Mustadrak ( IV/494 ) , and he said that this hadith is authentic based Bukhari and Muslim terms , although they did not remove it )

Muqatil said that the purpose of the verse is , every Muslim must educate themselves and their families by means of ordering them to do good and forbid them from immoral acts .

Ibn Qoyyim explains that some scholars say that Allaah will hold accountable any parents about their children on the day before the child's parents hold . As a father has the right to her child , then the child has a right to his father . If Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says , " We appointed for man to do good to his parents . " ( Surat al- Ankabut : 7 ) , then besides that of Allah also said , " Take care of yourself and your family from the fire that fueled men and stones . " ( Surat at Tahrim : 6 )

Ibn Qoyyim goes on to explain that he who neglect their children's education in things that benefit him , then he keep silent , meaning it has made ​​a big mistake . Majority of the causes of damage to the child is the result of parents who are indifferent to their children , not to teach religious obligation and Sunnah . They wasted a kid when he was little that they could not take advantage of them when the adult child , the child could not be beneficial to her father's child .

As for the other arguments of which is the word of Allaah which means :

" And give a warning to the close relatives . " (Surat ash Syu'ara ' : 214 )

Abdullah bin Umar radi ' anhuma said that the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wa sallam said ( which means) , " The man is the leader for his family at home , he is responsible for his family . The woman was the leader in trik online charge of the house her husband and her children . He was responsible for them . Slave man became a leader dealing with property of his master , he was responsible for its staff . You all are leaders and responsible for the leadership . " ( Narrated by Bukhari 2/91 )

From the above , it is clear that every person who have family and relatives should work together , encourage one another and also educate the family . Primarily parents to children , because they need guidance . Parents should nurture children's natural tendency not to be confounded shirk and other sins . It is a big responsibility that we will be held accountable about it .

Who Planting , Seed Harvesting He will

How does a mother's heart to see his children grow ? When we are saving children 5 years of age begin to pile up , "Want to what the boy , his savings ? " Eye feels emotion when the child immediately replied " Want to buy a CD murotal , Mi ! " When most other kids would say " Want to buy PS " Or when asked about ideals , " Adek want to be a cleric ! " Haru ! hearing this answer from a kid his age when ana - dreaming " want to be Superman ! "

Such souls how to shape it ? Need an educator tenacious and painstaking . Earnest, with strong determination . A patient for each day forge and comes with a strong science . Filled with resignation and dependent on Allaah . So ... if you like this , can we just leave him with the maid or let the child grow away? ? We both know how our environment ( TV , media , society , ... ) Who else if not us , O ' mother or prospective mother ?

Once we understand the magnitude of the role and responsibilities of a mother as an educator , see the reality of the situation is that there now seems pathetic ! Not all of it , but many of them mothers who are busy working and do not pay attention to how their children's education . Not paying attention to how their beliefs , whether or not contaminated with shirk . How they worship , whether they have been properly pray or not , or even are not doing the job ... warino joko How could stick monotheism in the chests of a generation of Muslims can be compared with the millions of dollars in salary bona fide company ? Really ! so far the comparison .

Strangely enough , many mothers who actually live in the house , but they also do not pay attention to their children's education , how their child's personality is formed . The author had briefly lived in the area most of her mothers living in the house but very indifferent to their children's education . Raising a child as just feed him . Sad !

Though the child is an investment for parents in the world and the hereafter ! Every effort that we do for the sake of educating the sincerity is a virtue . Each virtue will be rewarded the reward of Allaah . Not willing is the day we are filled with it ? Or is it that we want our children to career success , reaching affluent life , enough to buy a luxury home , enough to buy a flashy car , enough to pay 10 helpers , have a happy family , a weekend in a villa . Regardless of how Aqeedah , how to worship , origin and could not fight the smile and laughing in the house , it is called it happily.

When old age , the eyes begin to dim and fragile bones , or even the body is only able to lie down and could not get out of bed for a walk . Who wants to take care of us if we never educate our children ? Do not they were busy with their careers that once we are proud of , or perhaps being cool with his wife and their children ?

When the angel of death has come , when the bodies had been put into the grave , when the self is in need of prayer on the day when the self has been unable to do much because the charity had closed the door , and who pray for us if we do not teach our childrenAgen Bola Promo 100% Casino Poker Tangkas Online?

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