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When I noticed , today more and more entrepreneurs are popping up in Indonesia . Not only large-scale entrepreneurs but also small and medium-sized businesses , even small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) is currently experiencing substantial increases growth. Business opportunities with little capital to get people to try to build his own business . Pengobatan Alternatif Quite a lot of small and medium entrepreneurs not only is there a physical store opens its virtual store on the internet but can reach more people , and even some online entrepreneurs I know have income that makes me " drool " hehehe . Well after I saw online business acquaintance of mine was very successful , I am interested in creating articles related to business , both offline and online businesses .
Some prospective employers often experience problems when they want to start a business for them . And obstacles that we often hear is the lack of initial capital to start their business . Maybe you think it would be better to borrow money from the bank or find investors , it is true that step can be done but it is not easy . Most banks and business investors will definitely ask our previous business experience as well as other information that we do not have, and finally we could not get capital . Then, if the lack of capital is the bottleneck for us to start a business that we want? Of course not ! We could start a business that can be done even with minimal capital because we can find a lot of small capital business opportunities around us .
If we talk about small business capital means we must still have enough capital to start the business . We still have to spend money , other than that we also have to have a non - material capital such as knowledge of the business to be run , capital willpower and effort. We can take advantage of what is around us to maximize the business will be run , for example, utilize the home as a place of business in order to reduce the cost of investasi online rent, take advantage of the family members in running the business to reduce the cost of salaries of employees , and others .
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Some business opportunity with small capital are often carried out by small and medium-sized businesses :A. Offline Business From Home
There are a lot of small capital business opportunities that can be done from home . We can do all the business processes run well without having to rent a place . However we have to consider the market that are all around us , whether there will be people who need the products that we sell in there ? The following are some of the types of home-based businesses with little capital we can do :
1 . Opening sewing services : a lot of people who want to sew clothes with certain models and sizes , well they must always seek the services of sewing clothes for them . This business is perfect for people who have an interest in fashion , of course you have to have skills in sewing and designing clothes .
2 . Make and sell food / snacks : If you have a unique recipe or food can make a popular snack many people , then you should consider this business . This business is very suitable for people who like about culinary . Not a few people who managed to run a food business , even the business is growing and opening branches in other places .
3 . Sell ​​electrical pulses : starting a business selling a current pulse is very easy just with a capital of Rp 100,000 - Rp 300,000 we 've been able to start this business , are appropriate anywhere and anyone . If you are someone who is active in a network , where members pretty obat telat bulan much organization , or a college student , then the pulse selling business can be very profitable because you know we can sell it to friends who are in the network , organizations , campus .
4 . Opening private tutoring : if we have the ability in certain areas , for example, guitar , English, computers , etc. , we can provide private tutoring at home or can also be done in other places depending on existing conditions .
5 . Open shop or grocery store : the business had a lot to do so we should look at competition level , location , and also the capital we have .
6 . Business Services design and editing of photos : of course we should have the ability to use photo editing software , such as CorelDraw , Photoshop , and others .
7 . Opening loundry services : business loundry will be in demand when located near the campus , boarding . If we look at this loundry business more and more diverse services , some even offering to pick clothes that will diloundry . If you feel this fits with your business then you should do so as soon as this business will always be sought after by many people .B. Online Business from Home
Online business is perfect when combined with offline business that we have. For example, we have a shop that sells gorgeous furniture , now we can sell our furniture it online , and of course the market will be more widespread because you can reach more people . If we do not have an offline business , we can still build a business online . Here are some online businesses that can be done from home with small capital :
1 . Business Links : jasa seo berkualitas This is a business that many are run by many internet marketers either overseas or domestically . We do not have to have a product , but we can sell other people's products through the internet , be it through blogs , social media , email , etc. , and we get a percentage commission from the total price of the goods sold dijual.Produk also vary , No products in physical form , in digital form , and also shaped membership .
2 . Business by creating an online store : having an online store is now very easy . This business can be run by people who have an offline store and want to increase sales by selling online . But this can also be done by people who do not have a product , that is by joining the dropship system offered by a manufacturer of goods .
3 . Business Advertising on blog / website : This business is perfect for people who have a website or blog with high visitor traffic . One of the advertising business model is to follow the program of PPC ( pay per click ) such as Google Adsense , Bidvertiser , kliksaya , Kumpulbloger , and others . In addition to PPC advertising , other advertising business model is to offer ad space on your blog with a price that you specify .
4 . Being a freelance writer : Nowadays pretty much know the profession as a freelance writer , be it writing articles in English or Indonesian article writing . For articles in English are usually more expensive than its fare Indonesian article . There are few places that can be explored to get a job from people who are looking for an article writer , for example : , ads - , and much more .
5 . MLM Business Online : This is a Multi Level Marketing business is run online . Unlike conventional MLM binsi usually time-consuming and labor for meetings , follow-up of prospective members , and the purchase of goods , all the process can be done online . However , keep in mind that not all MLM business has a good system , make sure the online MLM business that you follow have good products and systems and profitable 

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